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Hi there! My name is Dominik but I usually go everywhere by the name DJPredator.
You would say, that I'm pretty ambitious guy because I usually have a lot of things I would like to learn but I just don't find the time to learn them at all. One of them is trying to learn how to make websites and maybe even make money out of it in the future but that will still take some time before that happens.
There are some skills I think I'm good at like level design in Amnesia:TheDarkDescent (Tomb Raider comes next), being a fast typer (around 100WPM). I recommend you learn how to type fast because it's going to save you time in the future

One of the hobbies I would like to be good at is making sites, because it would be some intro thing into programming (yes, I know what it's like to try Lua, Python and then be sad that I don't understand them at all. This should make it easier although HTML is not programming language. There is JS for that.